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Management System

PROJECT TYPE: Digital Strategy / Social Innovation

Due to the confidential nature of this project, some process details were omitted.
This is a reinterpretation of the original.

Women participate in “Know Your Rights” campaign in India. Image courtesy of

Women participate in “Know Your Rights” campaign in India. Image courtesy of



Held meetings with United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women (UNTF) to analyze stakeholder needs, grant making process, and conduct web portal functionality assessment. Preliminary finding revealed four (4) critical areas that required enhancement to increase efficiency and meet needs
as expressed by internal stakeholders:

  • Simplification of the web application portal for ease of use and encourage more applicants from smaller grassroots organizations.

  • Provide reference modules to guide grant applicants on correct entry for budget request, to enable better internal determination of monetary award.

  • Track application process of independent judging parties to reduce duplication of reviews

  • Provide multiple language options to encourage applications from rural geographic regions



Used information gained from audit conducted during discover phase with UNTF to: 

Identify Platform End Users


Outline Project Phase

Identify Platform Development Teams



Reviewed design solution as a custom-built grant application website with a tailored database backend vs. highly customizable third party solution cloud-based platform solution. The latter approach was chosen as it fit the time and budget constraints of project.


Using information from web portal functionality assessment conducted during project audit phase, revised and created new content for cloud-based platform with input from UNTF staff translators as the final approved content will be delivered in French and Spanish languages (in addition to English).



A grant application management system that simplifies and improves the effectiveness of the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women (UNTF) grant making abilities, aimed at increasing the pool of successful grants, made annually to small grassroots NGOs in developing countries.

Video Presentation of Solution


Skills Demonstrated: Project Management / Digital Strategy / Process Design

Team Members: H. Noriega, A. Akbar Sahiwala, S. Sungkobol, K. Schlindwein