PrescriptAssist Prescription
Management System


Over 100,000 people are killed each year from incorrect use of properly prescribed medications in the United States, just behind heart disease, cancer and stroke. These mishaps are often unintentional and preventable from doctor/pharmacists mistaking similar name or look of oral medication to user confusion caused by lack readability due to legibility of drug information leaflet, literacy issues that prevent comprehension and or limited english proficiency that makes it difficult to understand how to safely take medications. These vital issues, when overlooked can pose a threat to patient’s health and wellbeing, not to mention increase likelihood of increased medical liability issues for doctors and pharamcists.  

PrescriptAssist is an interactive pill bottle and label system that enables safer prescription consumption by reducing preventable errors associated with fulfillment and use. The touchscreen E-Label offers multi-lingual, collapsible content derived directly from the drug information leaflet, is powered by kinetic energy and provides instant alerts for recalls and advisories, drug expiration dates, proximity to incompatible drugs, food allergies, dosage maintenance, and refills that can be synced to a computer or mobile device. The PrescriptAssist mobile application can be utilized by a touchscreen mobile device and offers the same features as the PrescriptAssist Bottle, such as multilingual collapsible content. Additional features include a voice-over and zoom-in option for the visually impaired and direct communication via instant message to doctors and pharmacies with approved licensure verification.

Project Type: 
UX & UI Design / Design Research / Design Strategy / Service Design / Product Innovation (IoT)

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SWOT Analysis / Empathy Map / Value Proposition Canvas